Kind of Black

I’m really negligent in keeping the digital archive of my photography up to date (totally old school here, working primarily in silver), but doing some applications to fund my next sabbatical have made it a necessity to get my most recent pictures digitized.

So these are a few of my most recent works, some of which have been documented in previous pages.  There are a from a series of photographs made in my hometown of Ithaca, NY, all made during winter nights.

The light of winter nights is amazing.  I also love the quiet of the streets, and the trees empty of their leaves.

This picture above was made at the Ithaca city dump, a little tidbit I like given the beauty of the picture.

Scanning some of these pictures the other day (about 30-40 of them), I started to think about a song written by a friend of mine.  He played in a band in Chicago called The Adequate Brothers.  They played this wonderful song called Kind of Black.

Don’t you have/Don’t you have anything/That’s darker than that.

And then the song ends:

But not as black as I would like (sung with a sort of serpentine sneer).

Too bad I lost my recording of this years ago.  I loved the song, but only remember phrases here in there (they were a small band, and I couldn’t find anything online).  For the past months, I’ve given this series the title By Night (or A Wolf Among Wolves), but have recently thought of changing it to Kind of Black.

I mean, it’s still a work in progress.


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