I Want to Live Innocent

Last night, I pulled a book of my shelf I haven’t looked at for quite a while.

I Want to Live Innocent by Torbjorn Rodland.

The book is curious.  I think what I appreciate the most is the degree of self-skepticism.  The whole idea of photography is embraced – with strong formal and visual sensibilities – but also questioned as to how or whether it can create meaning.  The pictures are smug and luscious, which I find both infuriating and interesting.

And I found a little treat inside.

It was this photo booth picture made at the Eastman House (real film in this photo booth still) with my friend from Unfortunate Publications.

And given something about I Want to Live Innocent, this seems like just the right place to allow this strip of pictures to continue to live.  I hope I forget, and have the same delight finding these pictures with Andrew again.


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