By the Creek

I stumbled upon 8 geese – a mother, a father, and six downy babies – looking for food along the banks of Six Mile Creek in Ithaca.

The last week has been filled with some acute ups and downs.  There was one moment, here at Six Mile Creek that binds it all together, or at least has allowed me to cope with it all.

Monday was grey and damp, but still warm.  Wanting to escape from my life for an afternoon, I packed my bag with a book, a rain coat, and a bottle of water, and hiked as deep into Six Mile Creek as possible.

Six Mile Creek is both very accessible, and also rather wild.  The trails by the entrance are just outside of downtown Ithaca, and frequented by families and dog-walkers.  The trails are wide and well groomed.  Just over a mile in, the trails become more narrow and more overgrown.

And this where I went, eventually about 4 or 5 miles in.  I was sure to leave my phone and music behind, and once out beyond the primary trails, I was totally alone.  The ground was soggy down by the water.  The air was full with sounds from the birds and the rushing water.  I loved the feel of the wind on my body.  It was only couple hours, alone by a waterfall deep in the park, but I felt renewed, more clear in body and mind than I had in months.


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