Back in the Day

I use to have a website highlighting my photographs, but let it lapse when the contract was up.  So now I’ve been without a site for my work for a couple of years.

I am trying to put something new together, and thus I’ve been going through some old work.

The other night, I tried to scan in some slides.  Yes, slides.  Crazy that only 10-12 years ago, that was still the reproductive/documentation medium of choice.

I haven’t looked at these pictures in quite a while.  There are all from a series I called Where Earth Meet Sky.  It was a series of metaphysical landscape studies, a sort of micro/macrocosmic study (really a recurring theme in my work).  They are mostly pictures of water and ice.

Since these here are scans of slides, the pictures aren’t really given full justice.  With these pictures, I really forged my interest and techniques in the alchemy of black and white photography.

The pictures are all gelatin silver monoprints, about 16×20.  All were toned with complicated mixtures of selenium, copper, and gold.

Looking at these pictures, well it’s like a stroll down memory lane…..


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