Drop Dead Gorgeous (or Sixteen Candles)

Her name was Pamela G., and she was gorgeous.  I mean a body that wouldn’t quit.

I was just sixteen, and she slayed me.  Stupified by her body.

We worked together at Baskin Robbins.  I liked to buy her flowers.

But Pam was a complicated young woman.  I think today we’d call her a hot mess.

She was also full of a dark self-loathing, and led a very destructive lifestyle.  Pam was programmed strictly for pleasure, and pursued sex and drugs recklessly, both to hide her pain and to destroy her body.

From my naive, sixteen year old perspective, Pam seemed free and powerful, and a sponge for my attention.

Mr. Garrison was her dad, and also my European History teacher.  He loved that a book-ish sort as myself took such a shine to his wild daughter.

Pam loved that song by AC/DC, You Shook Me All Night Long.  She would often repeated that line, …and she was knockin’ me out with her American thighs….


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