I mean, come on, we all google ourselves sometimes.

All these photographs are Brian Arnold, a google image search.

There is a county assessor, a musician, a devoted Christian, a high school chemistry student, a photographer, a member of the military.  But I’m not sayin’ who’s who.

But now, I think I’ve found my doppelganger.

Maybe not in that David Lynch sense, but still……

His name is Brian Arnold, and he is part of an executive board of a Christian fellowship.  And strangely, the last few months I’ve been getting a number of emails intended for him.

The emails all detail a meeting (I got a number in anticipation of the meeting, and recently the minutes of the meeting itself) of the fellowship.  There is talk of Jesus Christ, garden maintenance, and assigning positions on the executive panel.

I tried responding to the emails, telling them they had the wrong guy.  They didn’t respond, and indeed I still keep getting the messages.  So maybe this other Brian Arnold is my doppelganger?  Leading a parallel life as a Christian fellow?

I mean we’ve googled ourselves, right?


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