The Day I Bought Maggot Brain

Matt and I smoked a bowl, and then got in the car and drove 30 minutes north of Denver to Thornton.  We were headed to a used record store, Don’s Discs.

I spent my last two years of high school stoned, reading counter cultural literature (mostly sci-fi), and collecting records.  Matt and I, we did it all together.

Don’s Discs wasn’t our favorite, but they had a huge inventory and good prices.  But you had to be willing to look, put in the time.  It was worth an occasional trip.

Somethings we bought as collectors, really just for the obscurity or small editions, but mostly we loved listening to lots of music.

And because Don’s was so cheap, we could take chances on things we’d never heard before.  Or because we liked the cover art.

The day I bought Maggot Brain, well we had never heard it before, we hadn’t even heard of Funkadelic.

Well, we were convinced and became fans.  I like to think of it as part of my legacy, turning my friends and family on to Funkadelic.


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