Just a few days ago, I went to see an exhibition of photographs by Paul Caponigro at the Farnsworth Art Museum in Rockland, ME.

He is not really a photographer I’ve ever studied nor with whom I’ve ever felt any kind of affinity (though when I first met Frank Gohlke, he spoke about his time with Caponigro).

This show certainly didn’t change my mind about his work, though I did find myself interested in a few things.

Generally speaking, I can most always appreciate photography with a high degree of technical accomplishment.  And in today’s day and age, to see silver prints of this quality is rare:  I appreciated her virtuosity with monochrome.

What I appreciated most, however, is what I think he wanted to learn with his photography.

He wanted to sublimate the world, to see and know its beauty, mysterious, and mythologies.  He used his photography to discover and pronounce his spirituality.


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