I spent part of my winter holiday in Denver, visiting some family and old friends.  I also worked out a possible deal with the Denver Art Museum.  It seems the museum might be buying a nice, broad selection of my photographs.

The purchase – should it happen – will include selections from two bodies of work, Notes from Under the Milky Way and Pieces of My Solitude.

Wish me luck.

Until then, samples from an earlier body of work – Where Earth Meets Sky – might be included in a group show at the museum this summer/fall.  It’s a show about dirt.  The pictures above are a few being considered.  In order, the pictures are of sand flowing through water, in a small creek in Western New York (the Kanakadea Creek, which translate from the Native language – part of the Iroquois nation – as “where earth meets sky”); a quilt left on a beach in Boston, slowly dissolving under high tide; and a bicycle left for not in a creek bed in Western New York.

Should it work out for me, this show will include a number of other notable artists – Ana Mendieta, Dieter Appelt, David Maisel, and Vik Muniz were all mentioned in meeting with the curators.

Wish me luck on this one too.


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