10 Girls in Paris (An Aside)

If you flip back a few pages, you’ll see that I spent a few weeks in Paris back in May.  I went with ten students, all young women (I’d never before recognized just how much gender influences a group dynamic).

Just two weeks in Paris, I didn’t think I could really sink my teeth into a real project with my photography.  And yet, I’m not going to spend time in Paris and not photograph.

I decided to mix it up, and try something new.  So I left for Paris with a camera new to me (an old Nikon FM2), and a pile of expired color film I got donated by Kodak.  It was all crappy, consumer grade film, so I went with no expectations, just that I wanted to make pictures.

Quickly, I stumbled upon an idea, to make pictures of the girls I traveled with, though to also juxtapose or collage them with other pictures I made while wandering the streets of Paris.

The past few weeks, I’ve been working on printing the pictures.  I think of this as an exercise, rather than anything too serious.  Generally speaking, printing in color is new to me.  And these are all chemically enlarged.

After printing the pictures, I make diptychs and triptychs with them, choosing different combinations to create new questions or narrative possibilities.

Here’s a taste of what I’ve done so far.


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