Memory Lane

It’s a rainy day and I’m out of photo paper.  With no work to do, I’ve spent much of my afternoon watching Twin Peaks and looking at old photographs on my desktop.

I’ve been waxing nostalgic about a series of photographs I made several years ago, between 2002-2004, a series called Short Stories.

United Nations #2

The pictures in Short Stories were all made in libraries in New York, Boston, and Montreal.  The series is mostly photographs of books.  This first picture is a children’s book about the United Nations.  I’ve always thought of this as my 9/11 picture, as it looks like they are watching the towers fall.

Book of Anatomy #2

The pages of this book compare the anatomy of a bird to that of man.

Book of Anarchy -- small

Shortly after I started this series, I began reading Emma Goldman, the great anarchist thinker and activist.  The pages above are from her autobiography, and show a picture of her collaborator Alexander Berkman.  I call this photograph Book of Anarchy.

Scratched Cover - small

This is called Scratched Cover.  It’s a mass market paperback copy of Fanny Hill, the pornographic masterpiece by John Cleland.

Notes on Poetry #2

I can go on and on with these, I have a long lasting love of books.


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