More on Discarded

Tonight I’m going to share a few more images from Discarded, a work in progress.

Brian Arnold - Crusades Front

This first picture is the front on a group of bound pages, about 100 pages all glued together.  The book is a history of the crusades.

Brian Arnold - Crusades Back

This is the back of the same bound pages.

Brian Arnold - Crusades Cover

I used the boards to make another book.  The cover is embossed, with a faux leather affect.

Brian Arnold - Crusades Body

Inside the boards are these two photographs.  The image on the left is the first photograph I made of my son.  The picture on the right is a self-portrait made while I was in graduate school.  It was made with an early generation digital camera.

Brian Arnold - Browning Cover

This last book was made from a biography about the poet Robert Browning.  All but a few pages were cut out from the boards.  I glued the anatomy figure on the cover.

Brian Arnold - Browning Body

On the inside I kept the drawing of Browning.  The book at one time belonged to a small town library in Central New York.  Behind the picture of Browning, the book is stamped Discarded.


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