On the Telephone


Just about a year ago to date, I had a very surreal conference call.  My dad was hospitalized with pneumonia about a week before the call.  He was on life support, and it was becoming increasingly clear that he wasn’t going to recover.  The conference call included my two brothers, my dad’s second wife, and a female doctor with a thick British accent.  Together, we discussed whether not it was worth keeping my dad on life support, or if support should be pulled.  We were told his death was inevitable, and we decided to pull support.  The ventilator was to be turned off the next morning.

About two hours later after the conference call, a nurse called from my dad’s room.  This was my chance to say good-bye.  She placed the phone by his ear, and then left the room.  I wasn’t sure what to say, so kept it short.

In between these two phone calls, I made this picture:

Brian Arnold party


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