Notes on Discarded

Discarded is the working title for an ongoing series of artist books.

Brian Arnold - Day's Ride

Each of the books is unique. They are made by recycling old, discarded books found in free boxes and $1 bins. I take the books apart, and remake them using selections from the original book and collaging them with my photographs. The book above is made from a novel published in the 1930’s. The pages are all glued together, and there is chalking in the spine so that the book can’t be closed.

Brian Arnold - Melody #1

Open this book, Melody of Earth, a collection of poems about the earth, and the pages have been cut out, and then pasted with my own photographs.

Brian Arnold - Melody #2

The pages cut from the middle are then rebound, so to speak.  They are glued together, so that there is a front:

Brian Arnold - Melody#4

And a back:

Brian Arnold - Melody#3

But the 200 pages in between can’t be viewed.


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