Trajectory VI


Twenty-four hours after I defended my MFA thesis, I was turned down for a Fulbright to Indonesia (wait-listed, actually).  And then two days after that, I received a phone call from a man named Roger Freeman.  He offered me a one year teaching position at the prestigious art college in Alfred, NY.

Loon Drawer and Bomb, 1987

I’ve been there ever since.

Teaching has been an incredible learning experience.  That first year out of graduate school, I was so naive and confused, but teaching proved a great opportunity to begin to pronounce myself.  Graduate school left me tattered and unsure of myself, but to find myself on the other side of the classroom was an act self-determination.  I had to start figuring out who I was again, who I was as an artist and photographer.  When called upon and asked what I believe, I had to have an answer.  My students were eager, welcoming, supportive, exciting, and ready for whatever I wanted to be.


Alfred has been a great place for me to synthesize the different experiences and ideas I’ve used to define myself as an artist.  Grounded in the philosophies of the Bauhaus, Alfred offers a unique education in the arts.  Under the mentorship of John Wood (a student of the Chicago Bauhaus), Alfred strives for an interdisciplinary, material based education in the arts.  It’s proven a great place to knit together my influences and discoveries in literature, gamelan, and photography.

Brian Arnold glass


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