Trajectory II


When I first got to college, I knew I was an artist, but at this point it was all still formless.  It seemed logical to me that I’d be a writer, since I read so much in high school.  But when I first got to college, my new friends were all musicians, so I thought I was too.

During my first couple of years, I wrote a lot.  I wrote a number of short stories, a play, and few poems.  None of these became much.  I also put a lot of myself into music.

College was a time of great awakening.  My teachers were all excited by the things I discovered on my own, and their support made it easier to be myself.  Though like high school, I spent most of my time with one person, my friend Brian.

While I eventually settled on a major in English, with a minor in Ethnomusicology, in the beginning it seemed like it would be music composition and theory.  I studied music theory with Carlton Gamer, and composition with Stephen Scott.  Though mostly I locked myself in a practice room with Brian, where he’d play piano and I’d play bass, really just focusing on jazz standards.


Stephen Scott was interesting.  With him, I studied a lot experimental and electronic music, and eventually performed with his bowed piano orchestra.  And with Stephen, I also had the opportunity to play with musicians like Terry Riley and Ross Bolleter.

I eventually found a stronger creative voice, and gave up on music theory and composition.


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