75% Off

It was an awkward moment.


It was a lovely, lovely spring day.  The sun was out, the air warm, and the daffodils blooming.  I took a little time to myself, and was walking on the pedestrian mall in downtown Ithaca.  The malll was swarming with people like myself.  All the stores had their doors open, and were advertising spring clearance sales.  Including the Adult Outlet.

Just off The Commons, is a small adult video store.  I had never been before, indeed it’s been quite a while since I’d ventured into any such store.  But as I tell my students, the most important trait for any photographer is curiousity, and besides I have spring fever and the store was boasting a 75% off sale.  I just had to see; I’m a sucker for a good bargain.

So, I walk into the store, and the first thing I see is the cashier.  And I know the person.  Just a few months ago, the person running the store was my three year old daughter’s teacher.  As you can imagine, it was awkward for both of us.  I kept it short and sweet, and was able to deal with the situation so that neither of us felt too strange.

Leaving, I said, So I imagine you see a different kind of customer here than at the preschool. Though maybe it’s not so different; one place you are wiping asses, the other it’s the jizz mop, pretty basic either way.


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