Sarah Palin

What I find perhaps more scary than Sarah Palin’s nomination as Vice President is the fact that there seems to be popular support for her.

Remember, this is the woman who thinks that being able to see the Russian Border from a remote Alaskan Island counts as foreign policy experience. This is a direct quote from Sarah Palin’s blog:

You know what? I think that was pretty darn good! OK, I admit I didn’t know what the “Bush Doctrine” was. I kept hearing it as “Bush doctor in,” that’s why I said “in what?”, because it seemed like Charlie had just trailed off. Also did he mean a Bush doctor like for the President or a bush doctor like a voodoo guy? I had to stall and think fast. For the record, YES, now I know what Bush Doctrine means, they told me as soon as I got back (it’s how we explain that we’re going to fight bad countries before it’s totally sure that they’re up to no good, just to be safe).

I guess I understand why people are making a big deal out of this part of the interview, but guess what, there are literally HUNDREDS of things Charlie could have asked me about, it’s just not possible to be an expert on all of them. Ask any politician, a huge huge part of the job is pretending you know what somebody else is talking about until you can turn it around into something you feel more comfortable with (ie taxes, God, etc). This usually works really well, frankly I think Charlie was being kind of impolite/sexist and trying to make me look bad. But overall I got through it and that’s what counts.

Electing Sarah Palin will be tantamount to reelecting Bush. Fight the power.


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