Gravity Bong

When I was 17, my two closest friends were Jon and Kristen. Basically, the three of us did drugs together, lots of pot, with a bit of nitrous oxide, mushrooms, and LSD thrown into the mix. There wasn’t much to our friendship other than the drugs; that’s all we ever did together, every day.

One rainy afternoon, the three us drove from Denver to Boulder to see a Steel Pulse concert (reggae and pot go hand in hand). We left early in the morning, and planned on making a day of it, deciding to see some friends in Boulder while at it. We bought a quarter ounce of pot on our way out of town, to make sure we would be will provisioned for the day.

Ridiculously, the three of us smoked the whole quarter in a day. All I remember of it is a rainy haze. I remember nothing of the concert, just the smoking. We drove around Boulder all day, trying to get higher and higher.

We did stop by a dorm room at the CU Boulder campus to meet a friend of a friend. I can’t even remember his name, though I want to say Jason. His room was filled with all the images and objects of drugs — Grateful Dead and Bob Marley posters, bongs and pipes, and copies of High Times — and the floor was scattered with clothes and books. Drugs were clearly his goal in college. Our meeting with him was just a chance to trade drug stories, and an opportunity to smoke. And then we had the story to take home of smoking with college students in Boulder.

“Have you ever had sex on acid?” he asked us. He said it as though to say no would be a stigma, illustrating our inexperience with both sex and drugs. “I have. It was strange. When your face is so close to somebody else’s, it’s like, aaggh! Baby can we do this with the lights on?”

He had a 7 foot extension for his bong. We all took a hit. We had to put the bong on the floor, and then we all kneeled on his desk (finally putting it to use) to take our turn. Smoking with this was like being hit with a shovel. Watching Jon’s reaction as he took this hit, he was taken to a whole other level before he even drained the chamber (not that the chamber could be drained), before he exhaled. I remember watching his eyes become stars, literally a glassy veil was dropped before them in an instant.

It rained all day. I was decimated.


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