The New Breed (or Bitter Music)

I was 21 years old when I got my first drum set. I had been experimenting with music for a few years at that point, but discovering drumming completely changed my approach to music.

This was a rather dark time for me. I was still into drugs, mostly LSD and Ecstasy. I was also into some rather strange ideas; a number of my friends at the time were into Wicca, and I discovered a bit of occultist ideas myself. I was also getting over my first broken heart, the complete collapse of my first love (a break-up that lasted close to year).

Drumming became a remedy for all my troubles. I completely immersed myself in it. I got a copy of Gary Chester’s book The New Breed, the drummer’s bible. On the front page of the book, I scribbled a quote from Salman Rushdie’s book Midnights Children, “An overdose of reality gave way to a miasmic longing for flight into the safety of dreams.”


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