Metempsychosis is a philosophical term in the Greek language referring to the belief of transmigration of the soul, especially its reincarnation after death. It is a doctrine popular among a number of Eastern religions such as Hinduism, Jainism and Druzism[1] wherein an individual incarnates from one body to another, either human, animal, or plant.[2] Generally … More Metempsychosis

Kanda Empat

Many Balinese Hindus believe that each human is born with four spirit helpers, after the four elements. These spirit helpers, called Kanda Empat, or Four Brothers, guide you through your life, though their presence remains largely intangible. We are only aware of their presence during unique, isolated moments in time, times of particular clarity or … More Kanda Empat

On the Hill Part 2

This morning I watched the sunrise. Let me explain. Things are tense these days. If it’s not problems at work, then there are problems at home (it is tax season). Desperate for some solitude, I escaped. I returned to the hill where I had my revelation the other day, in hopes of find that same … More On the Hill Part 2

Ah Pook is Here

When I was 20 years old I had my own apartment just outside of downtown Colorado Springs. It was a small studio apartment with two rooms. It was an attic converted into a living space, so the ceilings were sloped. I guess this was my first apartment; my mother bought me my first bag of … More Ah Pook is Here