On Photography

In cleaning out my studio recently, I found some writings I did in graduate school at the Massachusetts College of Art. I am posting something from a statement I wrote back in the day. While there might be some good ideas here, please forgive me, because it is also rather grad school-esque, and thus a little naive. This passage I called On Photography:

From the beginning, I have been mesmerized by how complicated a photography can be. Even with my first photographs, I found incredible possibilities for expression and communication. Photographs can not only serve as documents of experience, but can also raise questions of reality and perception. I find myself interested in both these possiblities, as I’m interested in viewing identity and experience in a confounded sense of reality.

The notions of perception and reality are never singular. We see through various lenses; we view society through our families and subjectivity, just as society and culture shape our identities and relationships. With photography, I attempt to document something of this exchange, noting specifically a subjective sense in an external world; among other things, the photographs are an attempt to create an idiosyncratic sense of self and experience, documenting memories, struggles, and alienation, always being aware of the exchange between internal and external existence, and ideally revealing something of a complicated relationship between the two.


Yep, that’s even worse than I originally thought. But you know, I’m not going to apologize. Life is never as good as it seems it should be.


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